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BSC Clean Coffee 60 Serves


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Body Science

What is it?

Coffee made better

What does it do?

Think coffee really couldn’t get any better? Think again. We’ve added revolutionary cortisol lowering herb Bluenesse® to Clean Coffee TX100 to aid your mental focus and cognitive performance. It helps reduce stress induced cortisol levels and the body’s negative physiological response to the stressors we experience every day. Proven via human clinical studies for positive results within just 1hr. Study results show Bluenesse has significant beneficial effects for alertness, working memory, word recall, reduction of cortisol/stress and reduced anxiety, even when undertaking stressful complex tasks.

Trust us, after trying Clean Coffee TX100 just once, you are going to hold your mug lovingly in your hands, stare lovingly into the dark brown liquid, and ask, ‘Where have you been all my life?’

When do I take it?

Simply add to cold water or enjoy it hot for a mood-enhancing, energy-boosting, stress-relieving hit of goodness.

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