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Kodiak 12 Gauge Test Booster




What is it?

Kodiak 12 Gauge is a testosterone booster

What does it do?

Packing on muscle doesn’t only rely on your reps in the gym.   Kodiak 1 guage maximises our body's anabolic hormones, so can boost strength and those mass gains! Included in this great product is:

  • Zinc and Boron – essential minerals that lower SHBG, so that bound testosterone can be freed and active
  • Vitamins B6 and D3 – essential vitamins that increase free testosterone Maslinic acid – a compound from olives that boosts IGF-1 production
  • Epicatechin – found in dark chocolate, this catechin inhibits myostatin while activating its opposite: follistatin
  • Laxogenin – a brassinosteroid which induces muscle protein synthesis
  • Bioperine – the bioactive activator that slows metabolism to make this formula long-lasting and more effective

When do I take it? 

Take three capsules before breakfast or with your pre-workout.  For best results take for 8 weeks consecutively followed by a four week break.

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