Magic Minos

Magic Minos


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What is it?

Magic Minos is an essential Amino Acid Supplement (EAA)


What does it do?

Magic Minos provides the body with all the essential amino acids needed to create a spike  in protein synthesis which is the building block for building muscle!

Magic Minos contains essential electrolytes to keep you hydrated combined with amino9 which is a clinical dosage of amino acids designed to deliver the optimal ratio of amino acids to enhance recovery and build muscle!

With proper training and nutrition supplementing with Magic Minos EAA formula will give you an edge for your workouts, being able to recover faster and train more often to increase overall muscle growth and performance in the gym!


When do I take it?

Magic Minos can be consumed before, during and after your workout for pre, intra & post nutrition however it is also beneficial to consume Magic Minos throughout the day to increase protein synthesis with a steady amino acid trickle into the blood stream!

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