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Transcend Alert 10 90 Caps




What is it?
Transcend Alert 10 is a brand new product designed specifically to awaken and give total mental alertness. It is ideal for shift workers, office workers, truck drivers or even for staying awake through those boring conferences and meetings. We have seen everyone from tired mums, to overworked security guards fall in love with Transcend Alert 10. This versatile product has now even been embraced by users as a preworkout due to the sustained focus and energy it delivers.

When do I take it?
Take it for studying, working, partying or getting over the “afternoon slump”. Any time you need to do more, Alert 10 can help give you a boost. It takes about 15 minutes to achieve 75% of its maximum effect and about 1 hour to reach its maximum effect depending on the contents of the stomach. The effect lasts for at least 3 hours and may in some cases last much longer.

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