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Magnum Pre Fo


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What is it?

Magnum Pre Fo is a stimulant pre workout without the crash.

What does it do?

Nutraceuticals have added caffeine to this pre workout, but combined it with the perfect amount of nootropics to give you all the benefits without leaving you feeling anxious, jittery and loss of energy.

It gives you:

·         Enhanced muscle pumps - which means more oxygen and nutrients are getting to the muscle tissues. This in turn means more muscle growth and development.

·         Increased recovery rates - with an accelerated level of blood flow clearing anyway byproducts such as lactic acid

·         Improved focus and attention while in the gym – you’ll feel that incredibly drive but yet stay in the zone at all times

·         Accelerated rates of fat burning - for hours after using this product

·         Increased endurance levels - that allow you to do more work before stepping out of the gym

·         Elevated levels of motivation - thanks to the solid muscle pumps that are delivered with this supplement


When do I take it?

Mix 1 scoop in 250ml (8oz) of water and consume 15 - 30 minutes before training. Store in freezer after opening.

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