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Nexus DetonationX


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What is it?
DetonationX is a pre-workout designed to be like nothing you have ever experienced. With all of the key ingredients you need to bring you advanced levels of energy, focus, endurance, strength and pumps! It is the All-In-One Pre-Workout you have been searching for.

What does it do?

It utilizes scientifically proven neuro-enhancers to optimize your mind/muscle coordination while increasing nutrient transportation for greater absorption. The unique blend works to minimize the 'crash' associated with most pre-workouts in today's market, optimizing energy, vitality and mental focus throughout your entire day. It has ZERO CRASH & no anxiety associated with consumption. Why? Because it has combined fast & slow releasing and diminishing stimulants to provide the perfect link between adrenaline & dopamine. This, combined with its incredible blend of nootropics, helps to extend the effect of all of the stimulants found in DetonationX.

When do I take it?
Mix 1 serving in 250 ml water and take 15 min prior to workout.

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