Axe & Sledge THE GRIND

Axe & Sledge THE GRIND


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Axe & Sledge

Axe & Sledge THE GRIND


What is it?

Axe & Sledge THE GRIND is a full comprehensive essential amino acid formula with added hydration enhancing ingredients.


What does it do?

Axe & Sledge THE GRIND contains a clinically dose of the 9 essential amino acids required to prevent muscle breakdown, enhance recovery and repair muscle tissue.

Axe & Sledge the GRIND will help prolong your workout before fatigue sets in resulting in more effective workouts allowing you stimulate more muscle growth,

Combined with a diet tailored to building muscle Axe & Sledge THE GRIND will maximise your potential to build muscle.


When do I take it?

To make the most of Axe & Sledge THE GRIND, one serve can be taken during your workout & also during the day. Which will ensure a slow trickle of amino acids to the blood stream to enhance protein synthesis (muscle repair)

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