Day One Performance Eclipse: TONIC

Day One Performance Eclipse: TONIC


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What is it?

Day One Performance Ton1c is a liver support product.


What does it do?


the liver is the body's natural filter, everything that you ingest, inhale or absorb, passes through your liver.  Even people with a healthy lifestyle need to take care of their liver.  Daily life forces your body to filter an extreme amount of contaminants on its own without adding alcohol, drugs and medication.  Then there's also the increasing amounts of environmental and emotional toxins that place additional stresses on your liver.

Ton1c by Day One Performance is designed for everyone who prioritises their health.  There are definitely groups who may have more of an urgent need for a liver support product due to lifestyle choices, then you should definitely have Ton1c in your cupboard.  Ton1c is packed full of clinically dosed, tried and true ingredients (8 to be exact) which work synergistically to aid your liver in performing and striving in its goal of keeping you healthy.


When do I take it?

Day One Performance Eclipse Ton1c is best taken with food in the morning (2 capsules) and evening (2 capsules) 

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