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Gamma Labs

What is it?

G Fuel by Gamma Labs is a natural energy drink and perfect pre-workout.

What does it do?

Gamma Labs have come up with an unbelievable formula of natural ingredients in G Fuel, to give your mind focus, your body energy and all without the nasties. 

·         No Sugar – so loads of energy without the sugar crash and only 25 calouries.

·         Caffeine is a natural stimulant that provides cognitive function stimulation when you need it most.

·         Amino-fortified focus to give you the edge like no other product around.

·         Antioxidants balanced with a vitamin complex that works synergistically to promote healthy cell production.

G Fuel has been specifically formulated to immediately provide energy, focus and endurance.  Perfect as a pre-workout or for those long nights gaming when you need some cognitive function stimulation and razor sharp reactions.


When do I take it?

Mix one scoop into 250-300ml of water and consume.

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