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What is it?

JDN PCT Plus is a post cycle hormone support therapy.

What does it do?

JDN PCT Plus is a natural hormone support supplement designed to be taken after any testosterone boosting cycle.  JDN have also designed PCT Plus to be used during the test boosting cycle to negate any side effects like acne and water holding which can occur and reducing and controlling the production of estrogen.  Lowering the levels of estrogen also naturally increases the body’s level of testosterone, which will ultimately drive lean muscle gains. 

While you are test boosting your body will automatically slow down its production of testosterone to try and keep your levels normal.  This means when you cycle off test boosting, your body may take a while to start producing its own testosterone.  The last thing you want is your hard earned gains melting away.  PCT, (Post Cycle Therapy) is designed to aid those completing a cycle of pro-anabolic or androgenic substance quickly restore the body’ natural production of hormones.

Estrogen is metabolized safely and effectively with the use of PCT Plus. This means it is ideal for women as it’s been shown to reduce the risk of estrogen linked cancers.


When do I take it?

Take three (3) capsules spread through the day but if stronger is needed due the length of cycle or products used, double the dose for the first two weeks then drop back to the normal dose (3 per day).

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