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Athletic Sport Kamikaze


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What is it?

Athletic Sport Kamikaze is a new high intensity pre-workout.

What does it do?

Kamikaze by Athletic Sport has been designed for athletes that consider training performance key to maintaining muscle gain.  Kamikaze contains 11 potent and actively dosed ingredients which is designed to give you motivation, laser like focus and skin splitting pumps, as well as boundless energy and all with no crash.  Kamikaze has an impressive amount of stim (650mg) but also has adaptogens to ensure you don’t crash.  Kamikaze contains an impressive amount of ashwagandha to lower your cortisol levels after your workout, maximising your fat metabolising ability as well as allowing your body to destress in time for bed.

When do I take it?

Mix one scoop with 1350ml of water and take 15 mins before a workout.

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