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ATP Block E & Subcut Stack


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ATP Science


If you are looking to dramatically enhance fat loss and improve your body composition, ATP Science Subcut and ATP Science Block E are just what you are looking for! 
ATP Science Block E3 is designed to inhibit Aromatase, which is the hormone responsible for converting testosterone through to estrogen, in a process called aromatization. Keeping estrogen levels low will create the perfect anabolic environment for muscle growth and fat loss. 
ATP Science Subcut is a topical serum that contains thermogenic ingredients to help target stubborn body fat.

NUTRITION CO PRO TIP - Adding ATP Science Alpha Venus if you are a female or ATP Science Alpha Prime if you are a male, will help you create the optimal hormonal environment for this non-stimulant fat burning stack!


  • Apply ATP Science Subcut to your stubborn body fat areas upon waking and pre workout. This product can also be used after your evening shower when pores are open to help with absorbtion. 
  • Apply ATP Science Block E to estrogen dominant areas such as pack of arms, thighs and hamstrings, lower back after a hot shower in the morning and again at night.


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