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Atp Science Gutright 150g


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ATP Science


Are you not seeing results despite dieting and exercise? Experiencing bloating, gas, intolerances, indigestion or low energy and mood swings?? It’s time to finally get your gut right with the much anticipated Gut Right by ATP Science.


Because of our modern lifestyles, the food production industry and eating habits our gut can take a big hit, and because our gut is often referred to as our body’s second brain - this can affect everything else more than you may think, and could be the one barrier to your weight loss and wellbeing. Your gut health is also responsible for your immunity and the creation of your primary “happy” neurotransmitter, serotonin.


It’s time to get your gut flora back in balance! An imbalance of the wrong bugs creates a vicious cycle, feeding on sugar and creating more toxins, while at the same time making you crave more and more of the wrong foods, leading to weight gain.


Recommendations: To reset your system and rebalance your gut flora, take 1 teaspoon 3 x daily of ATP Science Gut Right for 10 days to reduce microbial load while following the specific carb diet plan


And then drop back to 1 teaspoon daily after that to maintain good gut health

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