Axe & Sledge HYDRAULIC

Axe & Sledge HYDRAULIC


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Axe & Sledge

Axe & Sledge HYDRAULIC


What is it?

Axe & Sledge HYDRAULIC is a non-stimulant Pre Workout


What does it do?

Axe & Sledge HYDRAULIC is designed for individuals looking to steer clear from caffeine and other stimulants. Axe & Sledge HYDRAULIC still contains all the benefits of a Pre-Workout so be prepared for the tingles from a clinical serve of Beta Alanine which will prevent the onset of lactic acid in the muscle! Added Citrulline Malate & Agmatine will enhance blood flow so the pump effect is next level!


Most Pre-Workout users are not aware Caffeine and other stimulants act as a Vaso-Constrictor. This means blood flow to the muscle will be restricted resulting in less of a pump effect.


Axe & Sledge HYDRAULIC have aligned the stars with this Pre-Workout for the ultimate pump enhancement and endurance boost that will have you training for hours!


When do I take it?

Axe & Sledge HYDRAULIC can be taken 15-20 minutes prior to exercise & training.

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