BPM Labs Hemp CB2 Oil

BPM Labs Hemp CB2 Oil


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BPM Labs

BPM Labs Hemp CB2 Oil


What is it?

BPM Labs Hemp CB2 Oil contains 300mg of terpenes yielding the same results as CBD oil.


What does it do?

BPM Labs Hemp CB2 Oil is a rich source of terpenes and fat-soluble vitamins and unrestricted cannabinoids.

CB2 Oil may assist* in the protection of cells from free radical damage, normalise cell differentiation and improve immune function, promote healthy gut, aid anxiety and promote sleep. Omega fatty acids assist with general health including skin, immune function and inflammation. Terpenes have a range of therapeutic benefits including improving the symptoms of delayed onset muscle soreness and recovery.

When do I take it?

BPM Labs Hemp CB2 Oil can be taken 1-3 times per day depending on the individual.

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