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BSC Kombucha 60 caps


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Body Science


Probiotic Kombucha is a formula in a capsule that works by giving all the benefits of Kombucha tea. Kombucha Tea is a probiotic beverage that has tremendous health benefits especially with your gut.


Two capsules of Body Science BSC Kombucha contains Kombucha equivalent to 30 drinks. One of the down-sides to typical Kombucha drinks is that they can contain quite a bit of sugar. Body Science BSc Kombucha Capsules contain a mere 0.1 grams per serve, which is next to nothing. Additionally, they are caffeine free and contain zero alcohol.

BSC Kombucha Capsuels are Ideal for:

* Digestive Health

* Immune System Support

* Vitality and Wellness

And Contain:

* 10 Billion Cultures per Capsule

* Less Sugar than the drink!

* Zero Alcohol Content

* Naturally rich in B Vitamins and Antioxidants

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