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BSC Whey Ultra 900g



Body Science

What is it?

BSc Whey Protein Ultra is a whey protein shake.

What does it do?

BSc Whey Protein Ultra I perfect or muscle recovery after exercise.  After a hard training session we need quality nutrition to help speed muscle micro-fibres repair and rebuild stronger and bigger.  BSc Whey Protein Ultra is an awesome product that delivers every time without artificial flavour, colours or sweeteners. 

BSc has also added two digestive enzymes to assist with protein and lactose digestion.  And to top it all off, prebiotic and probiotics are also combined to keep your beneficial bacteria happy and your gut healthy.


When do I take it?

Mix two scoops into 250-300ml of water and consume after a workout to aide recovery or when you want to increae your protein intake.

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