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Muscle Sport

What is it?

Muscle Sport Cardioburn is a perfectly dosed fatburner.

What does it do?

When you are looking or the three T’s, (trim, taut and terrific) look no further than Muscle Sport Cardio Burn.  This transparently labelled fat burner has taken the guesswork out of your pre-workout and replaced it with a quality product with proven results.

Muscle Sport have added L-Carnitine to mobilise your fatty acids, L-Carnitine-L-Tartrate for pain reduction and reduced muscle damage and Glycocarn (GPLC) which will enhance performance as well as improve peripheral blood flow.

Your energy and focus is powered by the release of adrenaline through caffeine and coupled with Choline, has been shown to significantly enhance cognitive performance.

The coumabuterol matrix is designed to enhance the breakdown of fat stores by utilizing beta agonists and alpha antagonists.  Coupling this matrix with GPLC puts Muscle Sport Alpha Burn at the top of the list when targeting stubborn at stores.

When do I take it?

Mix one scoop into 250-300ml of water and consume 15 minutes before a workout.

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