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Controlled Labs White Flood


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What is it?

Controlled Labs White Flood is a serious pre-workout

What does it do?

White flood by Controlled Labs is a tried and true pre-workout formula that will rev you up for lifting and cardio like none other. White flood has been specially formulated to not only give you the experience of out of this world pumps, but tons of extra energy and true muscle building potential. That muscle building potential comes from the addition of compounds usually not seen in pre-workout formulas of the past.

- Fast absorbing and fast acting

- Synergy, strength and stamina

- Endurance and extreme pumps

- Nutrient delivery and recovery

- Sugar & Carb Free

- Stimulate neurons

- Enhanced creatine utilization

When do I take it?

Mix one (1) serving of White Flood with 250ml of water 30 minutes prior to a workout.

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