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Cyborg Sport iLift Pre-workout 40 Serves



Cyborg Sport

Cyborg Sport iLift took 18 months of development to nail down something new and unique to the world of pre-workouts, and the result is astounding.

iLift is broken down into 3 specialty complexes: the ATP Engine, The Pump Complex, and the MotorV8R (motivator).

The ATP Engine
The most unique aspect of iLift is the ATP Engine which is a combination of ingredients that work together to create, release, and recycle energy known as ATP.  You may have heard of ATP before from Creatine products which increase the amount of ATP that your muscles can store to be used as explosive energy.  The ATP Engine in iLift will give you the feeling of increased and almost limitless energy to keep going and going.  The key ingredient elevATP has alone been shown to increase ATP levels by 40% 1 hour after taking it, and D-Ribose, Creatine, Carnitine, and CoEnzymeQ10 enhance this even further by providing all the key components to enhance energy production. You will feel the energy not just for an hour or so but all day long.

The Pump Complex
The second complex, the Pump Complex, takes effect in the gym.  A full double scoop of iLift provides 3g of pure L-Citrulline which is equal to at least 4.5g of Citrulline Malate. Combined with over 750mg of Agmatine Sulfate and Himilayan Pink Salt, the pump and vascularity effects are intense.

The MotorV8R
Finally, the MotorV8R is the stim complex to amp you up for a big workout.  iLift contains a very strong dose of caffeine from 4 different sources.  By combining regular caffeine with natural caffeines and extended release Infinergy, the stim feeling is strong but smooth at the same time.  It will not cause jitters and side-effects are minimized.  Combined with the ATP Engine which sustains energy levels for many hours there's also little to no crash.  With no banned substances iLift is safe for use with competitive athletes, but is still as strong as anything on the market.

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