Grenade Carb Killa Protein Bar



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What is it?

Grenade Carb Killer Protein Bar is a healthy snack filled with protein

What does it do?

Carb Killa High Protein Bars help beat that chocolate craving without ruining your diet.  A delicious Low carb bar (yes you heard correctly) that will not only satisfy the most stringent of macro calculators, but will also help you feel sated without the guilt.  Each bite tantalizes your taste buds with a crisp base layered with a chewy centre then all covered in a creamy layer of chocolate.  A little taste of heaven without the unhealthy side effects of breaking your diet.

 Each 60g bar contains:

·         214 calories, which is the perfect amount for just about any diet plan

·         7.9 grams of dietary fat, of which, 4.2 grams are saturated

·         13.5 grams of carbohydrates

·         10.6 grams of polyols and just 1.4 grams of sugar

·         6.7 grams of dietary fibre to help keep your blood glucose levels under control

·         23.2 grams of protein, coming from a high quality blend that provides all the important amino acids that your body needs to see optimal results.

Next time hunger strikes, make sure you consider Carb Killa Bars by Grenade.

When do I take it?

Eat whenever the mood strikes or you need to boost your calouric intake.

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