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Gro Pronto 30 serve



What is it?

Gro Pronto by Tim Muriello is a BCAA (branch chain amino acid).

What does it do?

Gro Pronto will help you recover faster, give you more energy and help you stay hydrated.  Branch chain amino acids are known to optimize muscle growth and development because they are proteins broken down to a more easily absorbable state thus head straight to where it counts when consumed – your muscles.  Tim Muriello’s Gro Pronto, goes straight to your muscle cells where they help turn off the catabolic processes that are taking place and turn on the anabolic ones.

Gro Pronto has 800mg of Bromelain which helps with the optimal digestion and absorption of the amino acids.


·         8000 mg of pure BCAA’s with an extra potent serving of L-Leucine for optimal recovery

·         over 10 grams of essential amino acids to ensure that even if you’re a vegetarian, you will not fall short on hitting your protein needs

·         2500 mg of L-glutamine to promote faster overall recovery between workout session's

·         500 mg of bromelain, which will enhance nutrient absorption in the body.

On top of it all - it tastes great.


When do I take it?

Mix one scoop into 250-300ml of water and consume.

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