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Hyde Power Shot


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What is it?

Mr Hyde Energy Shot is an ultra-concentrated boost of energy.

What does it do?

Mr Hyde energy shot was specifically designed for the person on the go that needs that extra hit of energy and stimulant to remain focused and energized.  Containing 200mgs of caffeine per serving 400mgs in the whole shot), it’s perfect for that person running from one commitment to another, pulling an all-nighter studying or gaming and the middle of a workout slump. 


·         Intense Energy Shot For Instant Energy And Focus 

·         200 mgs caffeine per serving (400mg per shot/2 servings per bottle) 

·         Only 5 Calories and Sugar Free 

·         BCAA Aminos 

·         Beta Alanine 

·         Vitamin B2 


When do I take it? 

Recommendations from the manufacturer are to begin with one-half shot (18.5ml) of Hyde power shot to assess tolerance. Never exceed more than one half (1/2) shot per 12 hours or one full shot (2 serves) daily. One half (1/2) shot is equal to one full serving. Do not consume with other caffeinated products. Use or discard contents within 48 hours of opening.



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