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JDN Clean Carbs 4kg


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What is it?

JDN Clean Carbs is just that – Clean Carbs.

What does it do?

JDN Clean Carbs was designed because they know that carbohydrate are the fuel behind an athletic diet and are almost as important as protein. Clean Carbs has been specifically developed to enhance post-workout glycogen synthesis, improve anabolic recovery and provide a convenient source of energy rich carbohydrates.

Glycogen reserves become depleted during physical activities, like weight training or sport, stimulating the body to store glycogen. Glycogen synthesis occurs for 4-6 hours after exercise, with the most rapid rate occurring in the first 2 hours. At this time insulin sensitivity is at its peak so there is an enhanced ability to absorb sugars needed to replenish vital energy reserves.

That’s why JDN designed Clean Carbs.

Made from 100% natural, clean sources of carbohydrate.  Clean Carbs is a healthier, safer and cleaner option for athletes as it’s derived from sweet potato, rice starch, highly branched cyclic Dexedrine and maltodextrin.

You’ll see and feel the difference when you fuel your body with clean energy.

When do I take it?

Add 1-2 scoops (50-100g) of 100%Clean Carbs to your Pre, Intra or Post workout. For endurance athletes, Load 4 scoops (200g) per day, 3-4 days before the event.

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