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Jumbo 4.4 kg



What is it?

Scitec Nutriton's is a serious weight gain and recovery tool.


What does it do?

Scitec Nutriton's JUMBO is a weight gain protein matrix designed to help get those extra calories, needed for growth, into your diet. With large quantitites of High quality Protein and fast and slow absorbing carbohydrates, you are ensured to initiate that insulin spike and help drive the protein to where its needed most.. your muscles.

With every serve of JUMBO you get :

- 50g of Protein

- 144g of "6-Carb" Matrix

- 940mg of BCAA's

- 946mg of L-Glutamine

- a multi component creatine blend designed to increase absorption and utilization.

When do I take it?

As a dietary supplement for adults, mix half -1 serving of Scitec Nutritons Jumboin 500mls of water and consume directly after training all daily to increase overall calorie consumption. 

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