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KETO Switch + L-Carnitine Stack

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$99.95 $129.90

Switch Nutrition KETO SWITCH + a FREE Nutrition Co L-Carnitine

This is the most talked about supplement of 2018! Why wouldn’t it be with benefits ranging from improved cognitive function, increased fat loss and reducing your appetite which is critical when optimising your body composition. Stacking Nutrition Co Acetyl L-Carnitine to your Keto Switch creates the perfect fat destroying and brain optimising fat burning stack. 

NUTRITION CO PRO TIP – Stack Keto Switch in conjunction with Thermal Switch and Intermittent Fasting style of eating for rapid results.

Mix ½ scoop of Keto Switch with 400-600ml of cold water and consume upon rising. A second serve of Keto Switch can be used later in the day if following a Ketogenic Eating style. Once your body has become to the ketone Salts titrate your dose to a full scoop in 500-600ml of water upon rising.

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