Macro Mike V2  Brownie Mix

Macro Mike V2 Brownie Mix


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Macro Mike

What is it?

Macro Mike V2 Brownie Mix is an easy to make brownie mix.

What does it do?

Macro Mike V2 Brownie Mix is a new and improved version of their original brownie mix.  They said the original couldn’t be improved but Macro Mike managed to do it. 

After 6 months of research and development, they have taken their brownies to the next level.  Now with twice the chunks, less than 75 calouries per slice and it’s the next best thing to eating a normal brownie without the guilt.


Per Brownie – 70 cal, 9.5g carbs, 4.5g protein, 1.25g fat.


When do I take it?

Anytime you need a healthy snack.

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