Macro Mike Clean Cookie

Macro Mike Clean Cookie



Macro Mike

What is it?

Macro Mike Clean Cookie is a delicious, healthy protein cookie.

What does it do?

One of the best things Macro Mike has made is their Clean Cookie.  It is seriously delicious and the only concern is that you will want to eat more and more.  Macro Mike have made it with their revolutionary Almond Protein and is packed with over 16g of protein, less than 9g fat and under 226 calouries.

·         No Gluten

·         No Dairy

·         No Fake Fibre

·         No Nasties

·         Clean Label

·         100% Natural

·         Made With Almond Protein

·         Plant Based/Vegan Friendly

·         Gut Friendly

·         Macro Friendly


When do I take it?

Anytime you need a healthy snack.

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