Protein Pancake Mix

Protein Pancake Mix



What is it?

Scitec Protein Pancakes are a ready-made pancake mix.

What does it do?

Protein Pancakes by Scitec have never been so popular with all kinds of athletes.  Previously Pancakes were to be avoided because of the carbohydrate-laden ingredients.  Now, Scitec have made their easy to make pancakes with 30% quality protein from multiple sources.

Not only are they nutritious but they taste great…so much so that you’ll think you’re having a cheat day!

As a primary benefit of PROTEIN PANCAKE, you can easily support your muscles with appropriate amount of faster and slower absorbing proteins (Whey, Egg, Casein) in a very pleasant way.

When do I take it?

Mix 37g (1 scoop) with approximately 100 ml of skim milk or water. Shake or mix vigorously until it resembles conventional pancake batter. Poor it into a non-stick pan and fry on medium heat until it gets golden brown color on both sides. Experiment with the thickness of the batter, the size of the pancakes and frying times to make the exact pancake you prefer!

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