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XL Labs Strapped pre workout 30 serve

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XL Labs
$39.95 $69.95

When it comes to high stimulant pre workouts, STRAPPED by XL LABS have you covered. With an ingredient list that will get any stim head excited they have left nothing on the table when it comes to a fully dosed formula.

Since the DMHA ban in October 2017 pre workouts have been a bit hit a miss. XL LABS wanted to bring the BANG back to pre workouts!! Did you love the “original” formulas back in the old days?
Well then STRAPPED is for you!

The simplest was to explain STRAPPED is the good old days.
None of this double scooping business.
Just scoop it and smash it!

This is an extremely limited edition formula. 
Why? We don’t want to draw to much attention to it

Get in quick and take advantage of this ripper while it is still around!

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