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EHP Labs Oxy Sleep 60 serves


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EHP Labs

What is it?

Oxysleep is an all-round deep sleep fat-burning formula!

Oxysleep has been scientifically formulated with effective ingredients to work on various systems. Metabolic, Endocrine (hormone system) and neural pathways within your body.

With a few of the ingredients promoting ‘Rapid Eye Movement (REM)’ deep sleep which then stimulates the area of the brain responsible for GH release.

What does it do?

OxySleep combines ingredients to promote blood sugar balance and improve metabolic activity.

Benefit from a deep sleep and enhance maximum recovery & growth, improve natural energy levels and increase your metabolic activity!

This product is designed for those wanting to regulate sleep and wake cycles, burn more calories through the day, get a deep and restful sleep!

When do I take it?

Mix 1 scoop with 250ml of chilled water and consume 15 minutes prior to bedtime.

Ensure that you are ready to go to sleep once you have consumed OxySleep as you may immediately feel tired and sleepy.

Do not operate machinery or drive a vehicle once you have consumed OxySleep.

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