JDN Platinum Gainz

JDN Platinum Gainz


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What is it?

JDN Platinum Gainer is a mass gaining protein.

What does it do?

JDN have hit the nail on the head with this winning combination of whey and collagen protein to help promote lean mass gaining.  With a massive (55g) of protein and decent content of carbs (122.3g) coming from sweet potato starch and rice flour to gain bulk and 2.9g of fat to give a total calourie intake of 748 per serve. 

Platinum Gainz uses four different multi-phase release proteins to feed your body over a prolonged period , including easily digeted WPI and collagen.  To increase nutritional absorption and help decrease bloating, a digestive enzyme has been added (digesime).

This is just the right combination to put on size without gaining too much belly fat.

When do I take it?

Mix 4 scoops with 500-600ml of water and consume either once or twice a day.

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